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Professional and Friendly Photographers

The folks here at Furious Photographers are your school photographers for the entire year. From registration, dances, school functions, sports, and all the way to graduation, your kids will recognize and be comfortable working with friendly Furious Photographers photographers all throughout the year. One of the key things we look for in our photographers is how well they interact with students so that students aren’t as camera-shy. Each photographer is also trained to use some of the most sophisticated cameras and equipment that is available in the photography industry.

Every memorable event will be recorded and can be shared with you and your family for a lifetime. Parents and students can always keep track of images on our secured online website and order prints at any time [with some of the latest software that is out there for school photography professionals.]

Here’s the Scoop

  • We provide coverage for any type of graduation. Our photography services, based on your needs, can include:
    • Portraits of each new graduate
    • Photos of each graduate receiving their diploma or certificate
    • Photojournalism of the event
    • Group portraits

    Our printing services include:

    • Easy online ordering, with a wide selection of a la carte solutions
    • Pre-ordering for packaged discounts
    • Photo editing providing cleaner images

We run a tight ship with a modern setup. We get photos done quickly and efficiently. The difference is that this doesn’t come at the sacrifice of a smile. We care not only about the memories we capture, but also about the experience in getting photographed. We’ve heard stories about rude assembly-line photography, where getting things done quickly means forgetting manners and being nice. We vowed to not be like that. All of us come from doing commercial and wedding photography. We bring that same professional and friendly service to each and every shoot.

We have better prices. We make great photos. We oppose the price-gouging and unfair monopolies of the current industry and we vow to change that.

We believe that run-of-the-mill portrait photography was a insufficient. We had a good reason to, since we aim to create outstanding images every time we photograph. We want to take the stagnant and make it fresh. We want to take boring images and make them exciting. There will always be a place for traditional portraits, but we believe in having options. At Furious Photographers, we give exciting and innovative options that weren’t available before.

Your high school years weren’t about “saying cheese.” It was more. Much more. We’re talking about memories of dances, sports, events, and just plain fun. Now with the proliferation of digital photography, everyone is capturing these moments. The rub is that most photography professionals haven’t caught up with the rest of the world. We ride the cutting edge of photography.

We really care about our schools. Really. We watch the students grow and change in our photos. Our goal is to integrate the way we capture memories into each school and it’s culture. That’s why we personally get involved by teaching, interacting, and capturing those moments in these special years. We know that in the long run, our schools will take care of us because we really want to take care of them.

We aren’t about just running kids through a guantlet of “say cheese.” We aren’t about getting every student’s mug on a coffee mug. We capture moments in time and happiness in life. We want to show you what we see through our cameras and into the lives of each student. This takes hard work, but we love doing it. That love of photography and photojournalism lets us deliver better photos, and capture more while we’re at it. You should expect more of photographers.

We do.

We make awesome and unique senior portraits that defy the standards and traditions. Using studio and location photography, we try to see our seniors in a new light, with their real and authentic personality.

We are experts in posed photojournalism, getting that natural look and feel with the sharp crisp edge of modern posed photography. Each session is one-on-one with an experienced photojournalist.

We offer studio sessions, but without the cheese. We firmly believe that great photos come from capturing the student and their essence. That comes with harder work and breaking boundaries. We having lighting experts that use multiple lighting setups during each studio portrait session.