2012-02-20 – RHS Basketball Team

Greetings everyone!

It was a long time waiting and we finally updated our website. Thank you everyone for waiting patiently during this time as we transition to bigger and brighter things ahead! These past years has been a real pleasure to serve our local school districts by providing amazing photos and recording the school life of many unique individuals. It is going to be exciting to see these what these bright minds will be up to in the near future! To kick start our blog, this next gallery is rather nostalgic since most of us from YourHS graduated as a Rosemead Panther. There is something heart warming to always enter Rosemead High’s double doors and walk the main halls. Enough reminiscing, check out Rosemead High’s basketball team photos we cranked out a few years ago.

What we did:

  • Set up sweet studio lighting
  • Gel lights for mood
  • Spray bottles
  • All out swag from these kids as they struck a pose

I am glad these boys were a great sport despite all the water sprayed at their faces throughout the photo shoot. These photos were taken about 4 years ago, so this made us wonder what they are all up to now since majority of them are in college and some planning their next steps after. Either way, we wish them all the best of luck!

Keep on watching everyone because we are going to have a lot more postings to catch up for everyone to see!



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